Sisters of Saturn is not just a collection, but also a movement focused on celebrating and empowering all womxn, securing their place in Web3, and providing utility for our community.
At the heart of this movement is a 7,777 NFT collection depicting the strength, beauty and diversity of women, combined with our founder’s love for space and AI.
We are here to make a positive impact in the world and use our platform and NFTs for good.
7,777 unique out-of-this-world pieces comprised of over 500 hand-drawn traits including:
- Backgrounds: 40+
- Skin colours: 55+
- Hair: 95+
- Number of eyes: 4+
- Eye colours: 84+
- Mouths: 30+
- Lip colours: 40+
- Tattoos: 16+
- Necklaces: 40+
- Earrings: 35+
- Skin features: 30+
- Face piercings: 23+
- Eyebrows: 15+
- 1/1s: 20
Road to Saturn
All utility and perks will be revealed 30 days after 100% minted
Web3 tools to help you excel:
• Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies
• Web3 safety
• Grants to support selected womxn-led start up projects
• Web3 Job board
• And more
Mental Health & Wellness:
• Counselling sessions
• Weekly meditation
• Ted Talks
• Q&A/open mic with a therapist
• And more
NFT utility:
• Completely personalized SoS NFTs
• Canvas print giveaways
• Giveaways of other womxn-led NFTs
• Pre-sale spots for other womxn-led projects
• And more
'Fun' perks:
• Shopping sprees
• Crystal packs
• Goodie bags
• Luxury handbags, wallets or jewellery
• And more
Charitable & community donations:
• 10% of our primary sales will be donated:
- 2.5% to the Malala fund
- 2.5% to Global Fund for Women
- 5% will go back directly to our community, and will be equally distributed between the Early Supporters and most active members of our community. We ask that this ETH be spent in one of 2 ways:
1. If this money can assist you, then please keep it and put it to good use. We are so happy that we could help some of you out in these difficult times
2. If times have been good to you, or you are feeling charitable, we ask that you donate that money to a charity of your choice, one that has special meaning to you.
• 5% of secondary royalties will also be used to make monthly donations to non-profit charities that supporting gender equality, girls education and mental and physical health. Our community will help us decide what charities to donate to.
• 5% of secondary royalties will go into our 'Wishing Well.' Every holder can participate and make wishes. Every quarter wishes will be granted!
Monthly Holder Airdrops
Holders of Sisters of Saturn NFT will receive monthly NFT airdrops, just for being holders!
Exclusive SoS & Web3 merch will be available to everyone. A percentage of all merch profits will go back directly to our holders.
Community wallet
Sisters of Saturn community wallet is open and deposited with 5 ETH to support artists in the NFT space. A percentage of all secondary sales will also be added to this wallet every month.
Future NFT collections
Holders of SoS NFTs will receive free mints of any future NFT collections we come out with. A percentage of all royalties will go back directly to our holders.
Meet Ups & Events
Holders of our NFTs will be able to access virtual and IRL networking events to connect with like-minded people in the NFT space
Our Team
Founder & Artist
Lead Artist
Project Advisor
Smart Contract Developer
Web Developer
Frequently asked questions
How many NFTs are there?
There will be 7,777 unique NFTs, including 18 rare 1/1 pieces. 200 NFTs will be reserved by us for our team, marketing, giveaways, etc.
When is the launch happening?
What is the mint price?
Where can I mint?
Directly from our website. Once the collection is sold out, they can be purchased on OpenSea secondary market. PLEASE NOTE: We will never send Twitter or Discord links to mint through any other page but our official website
When is the reveal?
48 hours after public mint
How do I get on the Pre-Sale list?
Our pre-sale spots will be rewarded to active members in our community. We will have twitter pre-sale giveaways, as well as discord-only giveaways, and creative pre-sale competitions such as colouring/drawing competitions. Be sure to join our discord for announcements!